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Loyal. Local. Trusted.

FCA – Farmers Cooperative Association

We are a long-established agricultural co-op with interests in grain and agronomy.  We’ve been serving our members and community for over 100 years, allowing us to help our patrons with their daily challenges and opportunities. As the agricultural industry has evolved, in many ways the challenges have remained the same – higher input and production costs, the introduction of new technologies, the desire to expand, and the struggle to keep the next generation involved.

We know it takes dedication to get things done the right way at the right time, so we are hard-working and hands-on!  We pride ourselves on hiring inquisitive, energetic individuals who are resourceful and proactive.  Let us get to know you and your precise needs so we can shape a tailored program specifically for your operation — whether it’s ordering products or advising solutions — providing information or support when you need it.

We know that diversity it what sets us apart. We want to be the choice for most of the aspects of farming life – GRAIN, AGRONOMY, TIRES, AUTO SERVICE, & FARM SUPPLIES. With these endeavors it also gives us the versatility to serve not only the farming community but our town neighbors as well.

It is our privilege to advise YOU, our customer, on new practices, innovations and opportunities that are right for our area.  Our Customer Service Associates – Agronomists, Managers, and Sales Force – make sure you have the recipes for success, technologies and equipment that you are going to need.  We have been on this evolutionary path with you, adapting what we do and how we do it, in order to remain proactive and timely in making changes.  As a business we are open and transparent.  We will listen to your needs and keep you informed about our plans to continuously improve our insights, facilities, and technology.

Our passion is to see the communities we live and work in succeed. Together we can accomplish more!